German Truck, Ford G917T (1939 production) (ICM)

This is the ICM 35413 kit in 1/35 scale, of the ‘German Truck, Ford G917T – 1939 production’.

German Truck, Ford G917T - 1939 production

Various models of the Ford 3 tons lorry model 1939 were manufactured from 1939 to 1942. Contrary to the American model, the German Ford had a one piece windshield and a changed radiator mask.

The Ford 3 tons lorry model 1939 was made with the open standard driver’s cab of the Wehrmacht. Altogether, about 25,000 Ford 3 tons lorries model 1939 were manufactured.

The (Wehrmacht models in braces) G917T (G917T St IIIa) had a 3.6l engine and the G997T (G997T St IIIb) had a 3.9l engine.

Source: Kfz der Whermacht website


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