Who am I?

My name is Thomas, I live in Ballerup/Måløv, Denmark.

  • @day, I’m a Senior Consultant, working as a Desktop-, Deployment and System Management Specialist with all type of Microsoft technology. My main focus is upgrading older Windows platforms to Microsoft Windows 10 and optimizing and automating the daily operation of the platform. I also do a lot of packaging/repacking of Software for unattended installation, Active Directory design and Group Policy design, Microsoft Office 365 installations and management – and last but not least – scripting in Shell, VBS and PowerShell
  • @night, I’m trying hard to reignite my childhood hobby of working with scale modelling


A few years back I rediscovered the joy of scale modeling. It started on YouTube, where I watched some videos by ScaleModelAddict, ScaleModelMedic, ScaleModelMadman, BadGrendals & ModelManTom, and it was wonderful to see grown men enjoying a hobby, I love so much as a child.

A few builders has left, but luckily many new enthusiastic scale model builders has joined the community on YouTube and on various modeling forums.

Still, after 8 years, I’m still shopping for the appropriate kits and tools – nothing assembled yet.