Materials (Ammo)

Paint, weathering and effect products from Ammo by Mig Jimenez.

Acrylic set

(A MIG-7100) Early/middle war, German color set
(A MIG-7101) Late war, German color set
(A MIG-7105) Tires & tracks color set
(A MIG-7106) Rust effect color set
(A MIG-7107) 1935-1945 Russian camouflage color set
(A MIG-7109) Modern Russian camouflage color set
(A MIG-7112) Tools Color set


(A MIG-0001) Olivegrün Opt. 1, RAL 6003
(A MIG-0002) Olivegrün Opt. 2, RAL 6003
(A MIG-0003) Resedagrün Opt. 1, RAL 6011
(A MIG-0004) Resedagrün Opt. 2, RAL 6011
(A MIG-0005) Graugrün Opt. 1, RAL 7008
(A MIG-0006) Graugrün Opt. 2, RAL 7008
(A MIG-0007) Dunkelbraun, RAL 7017
(A MIG-0008) Dunkelgrau, RAL 7021
(A MIG-0009) Sandgrau, RAL 7027
(A MIG-0010) Dunkelgelb, RAL 7028
(A MIG-0011) Dunkelgelb aus 44 Opt. 1, RAL 7028
(A MIG-0012) Dunkelgelb aus 44 Opt. 3, RAL 7028
(A MIG-0013) Gelbbraun, RAL 8000
(A MIG-0014) Rotbraun, RAL 8012
(A MIG-0015) Schokobraun, RAL 8017
(A MIG-0016) Gelbbraun, RAL 8020
(A MIG-0017) Cremeweiss, RAL 9001
(A MIG-0018) Polizei Grün – Waffen SS, RAL 9001
(A MIG-0026) Sand Brown, RAL 8031
(A MIG-0027) Sand Beige, RAL 8031
(A MIG-0028) Grey Beige, RAL 7050

Effect sets

(A MIG-7400) Pigment rust set
(A MIG-7401) Summer dust set
(A MIG-7402) Engine set
(A MIG-7403) Rusty vehicle set
(A MIG-7404) Fighting compartment set
(A MIG-7405) Eastern front mud set
(A MIG-7406) D.A.K set α
(A MIG-7408) Europe earth set β
(A MIG-7409) Humidity and wet effects set Δ
(A MIG-7437) Dry earth tracks effects set
(A MIG-7438) Wet earth tracks effects set


(A MIG-1200) Streaking Grime for Interiors
(A MIG-1201) Streaking Grime for D.A.K α
(A MIG-1202) Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey
(A MIG-1203) Streaking Grime
(A MIG-1204) Streaking Rust
(A MIG-1205) Streaking Grime for Winter Vehicles
(A MIG-1206) Dark Streaking Grime
(A MIG-1208) Rainmarks Effects
(A MIG-1400) Kursk Soil
(A MIG-1401) Light Dust
(A MIG-1402) Fresh Mud
(A MIG-1403) Earth β
(A MIG-1404) North Africa Dust α
(A MIG-1405) Dark Mud
(A MIG-1406) Damp Earth β
(A MIG-1407) Engine Grime
(A MIG-1408) Fresh Engine Oil
(A MIG-1409) Fuel Stains
(A MIG-1410) Slimy Grime Dark Δ
(A MIG-1411) Slimy Grime Light Δ
(A MIG-2015) Wet Effect Δ


(A MIG-1000) Brown for Dark Yellow Vehicles wash
(A MIG-1001) Africa Korps wash α
(A MIG-1002) Track wash
(A MIG-1003) Interior wash
(A MIG-1004) Light Rust wash
(A MIG-1005) Dark Brown for Green Vehicles wash
(A MIG-1006) Blue for Panzer Grey Vehicles wash


(A MIG-2010) Scratches Effect
(A MIG-2011) Heavy Chipping Effect


(A MIG-2020) Metallic Tracks
(A MIG-2021) Photo etch


(A MIG-3001) Black
(A MIG-3002) Light Dust
(A MIG-3005) Medium Rust
(A MIG-3006) Light Rust
(A MIG-3005) Dark Earth
(A MIG-3008) Track Rust
(A MIG-3008) Gun Metal
(A MIG-0033) Rubber & Tires
(A MIG-0034) Rust Tracks
(A MIG-0035) Dark Tracks
(A MIG-0039) Light Rust
(A MIG-0040) Medium Rust
(A MIG-0041) Dark Rust
(A MIG-0042) Old Rust
(A MIG-0043) Shadow Rust
(A MIG-0045) Gun Metal

Thinner & Fixer

(A MIG-2000) Acrylic Thinner
(A MIG-2001) Cleaner
(A MIG-2012) Sand & Gravel Glue
(A MIG-2018) Enamel Ouderless Thinner
(A MIG-3000) Pigment Fixer

Source: AMMO website