AK Interactive AK-Interactive produces mainly weathering and effects products but also instructions on how-to use their products. AK-Interactive was a joint venture of Mig Jimenez and Fernando Vallejo, now only managed by Fernando Vallejo
Mig Jimenez solo project, producing weathering and effect products. Is is wise to keep an eye out for new products from Ammo, as they are destined to be great – I know I will. Ammo will also be the home of the future publications of The Weathering Magazine Ammo by Mig Jimenez
Lifecolor Lifecolor manufactures a wide variety of hobby paints for almost all nations. Lifecolor produces almost all FS and RAL standard military colors and also a number of paint and effects sets for Wood, Track and Rubber
MIG Production, best known for their pigment products to be used when creating mud and other weathering effects on a scale model MIG Productions
Tamiya Besides making great model kits, Tamiya also makes a wide variety of paints, pigments, tools and scale model gadgets
When talking about model paint there is no way around Vallejo. With regular paint for brush and paint specially for airbrush – and both ranges is quite extensive, Vallejo is hard to miss. Vallejo even has paint set, specially for Panzer and uniforms and also products for weathering and all kind of effects Vallejo