Aber Aber is based in Poland and is one of the leading photo etch manufacturers of detail- and upgrade sets, for a variety of model kit manufacturers. Aber mainly produces items for armored fighting vehicles models
Based in Czech Republic, Eduard produces photo etch detail- and upgrade sets for airplanes and armored fighting vehicles in a variety of scales. It is possible to order products directly on the Eduard webpage Eduard
Evergreen Scale Models Evergreen produces styrene for scratch building and detailing of scale models, in every shape imaginable and almost as many colors.
ET Modeller, are located in Shanghai, China and are specialised in photo etch detail- and upgrade sets for armored fighting vehicles and their products are of high-quality ET Model
Friulmodel Based in Hungary, Friulmodel may develop the best aftermarket tracks for scale models in the World. Tracks and Wheels are made in metal and therefore gives the tracks a natural sagging between the wheels
Located in China, Griffon Model are a somewhat new company producing high-quality photo etch detail- and upgrade sets, for a wide range of different armored fighting vehicles Griffon Model
Modelkasten Modelkasten makes a wide number of products including Wheels and Tracks for scale models all in plastic
RB Model is located in Poland and produces detail items to even further detail your 3rd party photo etch. RB Model produces mostly products in brass, but products in resin and wood is also available. On the RB Model website it is possible to shop directly RB Model
Verlinden Productions Verlinden is specialised in high-quality figures and accessories for all types of model kits. Verlinden produces also equipment and figurines used in service today. It is possible to shop directly on the Verlinden webpage
Based in Shanghai, China, Voyager Model, produces photo etch detail- and upgrade sets for mainly German model kits, from the more popular manufacturers, but they do have a some detail sets for vehicles, aircraft and ships from other countries Voyager Model