What do I do?

When I’m making/shopping for scale models, I’m primarily into German and Russian equipment.

  • German; I’m crazy about the design of the Panzer III, IV and VI, half-tracks and the big railroad guns. Besides making some pretty good armor, for that time, they were also made to look good. And superior. I like the way that both equipment and paint all had standardized names and numbers and can still be found today
  • Russian; I’m stunned of the KV and IS/JS designs. The power and superiority of the armor and I love the history and development of this armor

This being said, I do have a kit or two from other nations, but my primary focus is the German and Russian equipment.

At the moment I only work in 1:35 scale. This is mainly because of the high detail level on this scale and because of the wide selection of 3rd party after marked accessories – and the fact, that I’m getting old and have bad eyes.

This place?

I have made this site in order to keep track of the kits that I have, and the ones that I have on my “shopping list”. As I discover new stuff that fits my needs, I’ll update this site.

Please understand that this site does not hold a complete list of kits nor 3rd party add-ons from any manufacturer – only the items I like.

If you can use any of the information on this site, please feel free to do so.