Military Illustrated Modeller Military Illustrated Modeller, is the Crown Jewel of the existing model magazines. The magazine comes in two editions; Aircraft and Military Vehicles. The quality of this magazine is outstanding. Good quality paper, very interesting articles and a fine layouts
Starting out with Tamiya Model Magazine, I soon realised that this magazine, was not really what I was looking for. Luckelly ADH Publishing, responsible for Tamiya Model Magazine, also releases a number of other magazines, including Model Military International Model Military International
Modell Militär International Modell Militär International were the German-language version of Model Military International magazine, but leaning towards German vehicles and equipment. The magazine is now discontinued and was unfortunately only produced nine times
Mig Jimenez magazine, and just another great Mig Jimenez product. Each magazine revolves around a specific theme, and every magazine is top quality in both content and layout The Weathering Magazine