Track, Russian (Friulmodel)


Aftermarket working metal track links for my Russian vehicles, in 1/35 scale.

Please verify the vendor’s website, before using the information below


BT-7 ATL-74
T-34/76 ATL-38 ATL-124
T-26 ATL-45
T-28 ATL-91
T-54 ATL-01
T-55 ATL-01
T-62 ATL-01


KV-1 ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-2 ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-8 ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-8S ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-85 ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-122 ATL-10 ATL-51
KV-1S ATL-10 ATL-51
JS-1 ATL-14 ATL-34 ATL-54
JS-2 ATL-14 ATL-34 ATL-54
JS-3 ATL-14 ATL-34 ATL-54
T-10 ATL-170


SU-76/76M/76R ATL-96
SU-85 ATL-09
SU-85M ATL-09
SU-100 ATL-09
SU-122 ATL-09
SU-152 ATL-10 ATL-51
JSU-122 ATL-14 ATL-54
JSU-152 ATL-14 ATL-54

Source: Friulmodel