German Geschützwagen, 39H 10,5 cm LeFHI8 (Sf) (Trumpeter)

This is the Trumpeter 00353 kit in 1/35 scale, of the ‘German Geschützwagen, 39H 10,5 cm LeFHI8’.

German Geschützwagen, 39H 10,5 cm LeFHI8


During the invasion of France, hundreds of French Tanks were captured including the Hotchkiss H-39 Tanks. These vehicles were converted to Anti-tank and Self-propelled artillery vehicles. Between 1942 and 1943, 48 Hotchkiss H-39 tanks were converted to artillery platforms.

These vehicles mounted 10.5cm howitzers. Most of these conversions used the leFH 18 howitzer, but a few were converted using the leFH 16 howitzers.The only known surviving vehicle is located at the Saumur Museum in France.

Source: Trumpeter website


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