German JagdPanzer IV L/48 (Dragon)

This is the Dragon 9145 kit in 1/35 scale, of the ‘German JagdPanzer IV L/48’.

German JagdPanzer IV


The Jagdpanzer IV, Sd.Kfz.162, was a tank destroyer based on the Panzer IV chassis built in three main variants.

As one of the casemate-style turretless Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer, literally “hunting tank”) designs, it was developed against the wishes of Heinz Guderian, the inspector general of the Panzertruppen, as a replacement for the Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III). Guderian objected against the needless, in his eyes, diversion of resources from Panzer IV tank production, as the Stug III and Sturmgeschütz IV were still more than adequate for their role.

Officially, only the L/48-armed vehicle was named Jagdpanzer IV. The L/70-armed vehicle was named Panzer IV/70.

Source: Wikipedia


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