British Matilda MK.II (Tamiya)

This is the Tamiya 35 024 kit in 1/35 scale, of the ‘British Matilda MK.II’.

British Matilda MK.II


Rommel’s Bane – After WWI, England began development of infantry tanks which featured thick armor and produced the same speed to that of walking soldier. From this, two cruiser tanks were produced prior to WWII with one being the Matilda Mk.II infantry tank. It was the first British tank to come with a diesel engine. It was armed with a 2pounder main gun and had thick armor up to 70mm in some places which made it one big weapon.

At the beginning of WWII in May 1940, the Matilda was deployed to France were it fought hard against the Rommel led German tank divisions which consisted of Panzer I, II, & III tanks. It was quickly discovered that the opposing Germans tanks could not penetrate the Matilda’s thick armor and relied on the anti-aircraft 88mm gun to knock them out.

1941 saw the Matilda again once more face off Rommel’s tank divisions, but this time in North Africa. It was here where it fought fierce battles against Panzer III and IV tanks and once more it was impenetrable. This war which raged for three years saw the 88mm anti-aircraft gun the only thing capable of knocking out the Matilda.

Source: Tamiya Website