Who am I?

My name is Thomas, I live in Ballerup/Måløv, Denmark.

  • @day, I work as a Desktop, Deployment and System Management Specialist with all type of Microsoft technology. My main focus is upgrading Windows platforms to Microsoft Windows 10 and beyond. I also do a lot og packaging/repacking of Software for unattended installation, Active Directory design and Group Policy design, Microsoft Office 365 installations and management – and last but not least – scripting in Shell, VBS and PowerShell
  • @night, I’m trying hard to reignite my childhood hobby of working with scale modelling


A few years back I rediscovered the joy of scale modeling. It started on YouTube, where I watched some videos by ScaleModelAddict, ScaleModelMedic, ScaleModelMadman, BadGrendals & ModelManTom, and it was wonderful to see grown men enjoying a hobby, I love so much as a child.

A few builders has left, but luckily many new enthusiastic scale model builders has joined the community on YouTube and on various modeling forums.

Still, after 6 years, I’m still shopping for the appropriate kits and tools – nothing assembled yet.